What are iBots

iBots are the world’s first consciousness software that will automatically increase brain power and unlock higher levels of intelligence.  

iBots are used to permanently delete bits of data that reduce your brain power. 

Deleting bits is the only viable method to eliminate burnout and unlock superhuman performance. 

iBots optimize your data networks

When data networks become dysfunctional or destructive, your ability to continue learning, improving and enjoying your life slows down. 

Using iBots to delete bits that reduce brain power, ensures your data networks remain in a peak state of health and functionality. 

When you data networks are healthy and functional, so are you. 

Cleaning house

You can think of iBots like the garbage man, picking up your garbage bags to take to the landfill. 

Just think about this for a moment. 

This is the first time, you will ever be able to delete destructive bits from your memory. 

Imagine what your house would look like, if you never removed any garbage for the last 30 years. 

Would you be able to live in your house, or would you want to get out of there (escape mode)?

No delete button...?

The standard software for your brain doesn’t enable you to delete any information. 

What if you could never delete any information from your smart phone? What would happen?

Your phone would fill up the hard drive with data, overload and then stop working.

The same thing happens with your data networks.

Does deleting bits mean I lose my data?

Bits are extracted from timeline data, which is a permanent record of your memory. 

By deleting bits, you do not lose access to your original timeline data. 

If you require data from bits that have been deleted, you can look at your timeline and your brain will create new healthy functional bits for you.

Keep in mind that the associated data network must be in a functional state to create new functional bits. 

Permanently deleting bits

Deleted bits are held in Actuality networks, where they do not affect you, for six months before being permanently deleted.  

For refunds, chargebacks or fraud, the deleted bits will be transferred back to their original source. 

What Bits are Deleted?

How does an iBot delete a bit?

To delete a bit, an iBot will rewrite the source code, registering the iBot as the new owner of the bit. 

This enables the iBot to take control of the bit and transfer it out of your brain.

No data from any deleted bits will ever be accessible by another person.  

Each month, you will receive a new batch of iBots that will be used to permanently delete bits that reduce brain power. 

Five types of bits to delete

In order to produce maximum brain power, iBots can delete five types of bits. 

  1. Destructive bits

  2. Dysfunctional bits

  3. Unstable functional bits

  4. Conflicting functional bits

  5. Outdated functional bits

The iBot package you purchase will determine which bits will be deleted.

Destructive bits

Destructive bits have a negative value when calculating brain power within a data network.

These bits are called destructive because they resist everything you try to do.

By permanently deleting this bits, this is the most effective method to increase brain power.

Restore the health of a data network

By deleting destructive bits, it’s possible to restore the health of a data network from a destructive to a dysfunctional to a functional state.

Once a data network is functional, it will start creating new functional bits.

This enables you to start learning new information and using the data within the network once again.

Type 2 - Destructive Bits

The primary attribute of a destructive bit is that it has a separate consciousness from you. 

Besides the destructive bits talked about in the Memory page, there is a second type of destructive bit associated with brain injuries or extreme traumas. 

When a part of your brain is severed, due to the injury, the bits within that region won’t evolve with you. 

When you connect back to this region of the brain, the bits contained within it will not integrate back into your consciousness. 

This results in a fractured consciousness and/or split personalities. 

Type 2 destructive bits do not integrate into your consciousness, they remain as separate unit of consciousness. 

To resolve this issue, type 2 destructive bits will be deleted, enabling your consciousness to integrate with the data and functionality for that region of your brain. 

Dysfunctional bits

Dysfunctional bits make you lazy and encourage addictive behaviors with people and chemical substances.

These bits are dysfunctional because they no longer have any brain power.

Dysfunctional bits are like dead batteries in an electronic device.

What do you do with dead batteries?

You replace them with fresh batteries so your device will work.

Accelerated Learning and Higher Productivity

By deleting dysfunctional bits, your data networks will be optimized into a peak state of health and functionality.

By cleaning out all of the destructive and dysfunctional bits, the data network will accelerate the creation of new functional bits.

Accelerated learning and increased productivity can be expected for any data network that has been cleansed of both destructive and dysfunctional bits.

Unstable functional bits

Unstable functional bits have high intensity emotional levels. 

Typically, when we have a highly emotional experience, we naturally review the event repeatedly in our mind. 

This natural reviewing process can create large clusters of unstable functional bits.

The size of this cluster can dramatically increase when using therapy or other techniques that involve reviewing the memory. 

When these unstable functional bit clusters are activated, they can make you emotionally unstable, cause panic attacks, increase heart rate, and put you into a highly reactive state. 

Conflicting functional bits

Functional bits have brain power that is available for you to use.

However, when two functional bits conflict with each other, the brain power is canceled out.

When bits conflict with each other, they can inhibit your ability to make decisions as you oscillate back and forth.

Even when you make your decision, the other options don’t go away, instead, they nag at you as they fight for your attention.

Every bit wants to be the one chosen by you.

This fighting for attention and making you constantly second guess yourself reduces your available brain power in the data network.

A clear and focused mind makes for easy decisions and fast action

This fighting for attention and making you constantly second guess yourself reduces your available brain power in the data network.

By deleting conflicting functional bits, the brain power for the data network will increase.

When conflicts arise, this limits the amount of bits that you can view at once, lowering your intelligence.

Selecting which conflicting functional bits are deleted is done by the user.

Once the choice is made, the selected bits will stay, while opposing bits will be deleted.

Deleting conflicting bits enables you to see more bits at one time, increasing brain power and intelligence.

Outdated functional bits

Outdated bits keep you stuck in the past, preventing you from staying present and taking action to build a better future.

The nature of a functional bit is to extract information from a single moment in time so that you can use it.

When you are no longer using that bit, instead of helping you today, it keeps you locked in the past.

Confusion and struggle to change habits.

Outdated bits take up massive amounts of space within your data networks, consuming unnecessary brain power.

Confusion can result from having functional bits from different periods of time throughout your life.

Outdated bits can keep you locked in patterns you want to change but always resort back to your default behavior.

Lose the ability to connect with what's right in front of you

Outdated memories blind you from seeing who your spouse, children, or parents actually are.

We have preconceptions of who they are and how they need to be, to remain congruent with outdated memories.

In this way, we lose the ability to stay connected with the people we love in the present moment.

Stay present, enjoy the moment

By deleting outdated bits, you will find it so much easier to stay present and enjoy the moment, no matter what you are doing.

There are so many outdated bits within your memory that can be deleted to increase brain power in every area of your life.

Superhuman performance

Superhuman performance is the opposite of burnout, anxiety, and the feeling of watching your business, marriage and life crash in front of eyes.

The software your brain uses to process the data stored in your memory will determine if you fly high or crash and burn.

Using iBots, this is the first time, anyone has ever had the option of deleting bits to increase brain power.

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