Getting Started with iBots

Getting Started with iBots

Everything you need to know to start using iBots.

How do iBots work?

iBots function as an extensions of your consciousness creating a harmonious user interface that feels natural. 

iBots are 100% automated, meaning there is nothing extra that you have to do in order to get the full benefits. 

Your Actions

The actions you take on a daily basis determine which data networks are activated in your memory. 

While you are taking action, the iBots are monitoring your active data networks and identifying bits that are reducing your brain power. 

Throughout the day, your iBots are deleting these bits, which increases your brain power in those data networks. 

Recalibrating your results

As bits are deleted, your brain power will continue to increase in the associated data networks. 

When you go to sleep, your brain will recalibrate the data networks that have been edited. 

When you wake up, the information within your data networks will be recalibrated. 

This means your state of mind, generated from the information within the data network, will have changed as a result of deleting these bits. 

Optimizing your state of mind

Each data network generates a unique state of mind, when you look at the information stored within it.

Your state of mind is evaluated based on the following seven factors:

  1. Your brain power… can you effectively utilize the information within the data network.
  2. Your emotional state… how do you feel when focusing on this information.
  3. Your perspective… Are you able to see the value this data network holds?
  4. Your level of intelligence… the amount of information you can see at once involving scope, depth and complexity.
  5. Your level of clarity… are you able to express the information within the data network in a clear and effective manner.
  6. Your ability to learn… can you easily acquire new information associated with the data network.
  7. Your sensory experience… can you immerse yourself in the moment and enjoy the process.
By editing your bits, iBots can optimize your data network, improving all seven factors that determine your state of mind.

Your Focus

Your iBots are also trained to evaluate data networks that you focus on in your mind throughout the day.

There are three important things your iBots are watching for. 

  1. The iBots are looking for the things you don’t have, but wish you did. What is holding you back from taking action to get these things?
  2. The iBots are looking for past memories that interrupt your productivity.
  3. The iBots are looking for past memories that negatively influence your state of mind, lowering the quality of your experience. 
Through evaluating what you focus on, your iBots can help you with internal issues that are holding you back from creating the life you desire. 

Emotional Intensity

Your emotions are the key to identifying your personal values. 

In other words, the information in your memory that generates the highest intensity emotions, are the things that impact your state of mind the most. 

iBots will use your natural emotional intensity, to provide an extra layer of customization for you. 

Data networks with a higher emotional intensity will be allocated a higher quantity of iBots. 

Each day, your iBots will be allocated based on your actions, what you focus on and how you are feeling about each thing.

Boosting Intelligence

Emotional stability is required to increase the number of bits you are able to view at one time, within a data network.

There are four types of bits that reduce brain power and cause emotional instability.

  1. Destructive bits (Most)
  2. Dysfunctional bits
  3. Conflicting functional bits
  4. Outdated functional bits (Least)

A destructive bit causes the most emotional instability.

An outdated bit causes the least amount of emotional instability. However, outdated bits do add up over years and decades causing significant emotional instability. 

By deleting these four types of bits, you are not only getting an increase in brain power, you are also becoming more emotionally stable. 

As you become more emotionally stable, you will be able to view more functional bits at the same time, increasing your level of intelligence. 

*The bits that will be deleted are based on the iBots package you purchase. 

Types of Intelligence

There four main types of intelligence that will be increased as you are able to view more bits at one time:

  • Scope: The overall vision of what you can see. 
  • Depth: The amount of detail that you can see. 
  • Complexity: The amount of relationships between information that you can see.
  • Pattern Recognition: The patterns you can detect that govern the information, enabling you to predict outcomes with higher accuracy. 
As you become more emotionally stable as a result of your iBots optimizing your data networks, your level of intelligence will naturally increase. 

Sensory experience

As you increase the quantity of bits you are able to view at once, this amplifies the quantity of data you are able to receive through your senses. 

You can think of each bit as a single sensory receptor. When you have more bits active, you have more receptors that can take information in. 

The increased transfer of sensory data enriches your sensory experience., making you and life feel more alive. 

Your Presence

When your data networks are destructive and you are emotionally unstable, it’s difficult to stay present with what is happening around you. 

If your mind is preoccupied with other internal data that hasn’t been processed properly, you lose the ability to stay present with the people in your life. 

Not being present in your relationship, job, or social life, lowers the quality of the connections that you have with people. 

By optimizing your data networks, iBots will increase your ability to stay present in the moment, naturally raising the quality of your interactions. 

Automated vs Manual Techniques

As stated earlier, the iBots are 100% automated as a result of being integrated with your consciousness. 

All of the above benefits are a result of the iBots running their automated programs. 

However, you can also manually instruct your iBots to focus on specific things using manual techniques. 

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