Brain Power is Everything

What is Brain Power?

Brain power is the energy that enables you to manage and use the information stored within your memory.

What if I run out?

When you don’t have enough brain power, you become dysfunctional.

  • Your mind becomes cloudy.
  • You feel stressed out.
  • Doing routine tasks becomes difficult.
  • You want to escape your life.
  • Getting angry or upset happens more frequently.
  • Anxiety increases while your ability to take action disappears.
The amount of brain power you have available is the primary factor for how much you love or hate your life.

Brain Power is your #1 Resource

Brain power is the most important resource you have!

Brain power is the energy that enables you to manage and use the information stored within your mind.

No... time is definitely not your #1 resource.

If you have an abundance of brain power, there will never be enough time.

But, when you are really low on brain power, time can be excruciatingly painful. This can be summed up simply with the phrase “I can’t wait for this to end.”

People with extremely low brain power literally kill themselves because every second alive is more painful than they can handle.

It’s not money…

When you have extra brain power, figuring out how to make money and taking action is easy. The world is your oyster!

However, when you run out of brain power, money can become a crutch.

Taking the actions necessary to earn money will make you feel like a slave in a hamster wheel.

Money is an amplifier, if you are in a destructive state of mind due to not enough brain power, money can accelerate your downfall.

It’s not friends…

When you have brain power, being social is a breeze and makes you feel alive.

When you run out of brain power, friends are usually the first thing you cut from your life… because you just don’t have the time and energy.

What used to make you laugh in social settings, will annoy you, because low brain power makes you a serious person.

It’s not health…

When you have lots of brain power, it’s easy to make smart choices, eat healthier and naturally stay fit because you are always busy doing something.

When you run low on brain power, your state of mind feels awful, and the first thing anyone does is try to escape. 

Escaping this awful state of mind leads directly to bad habits that accelerate the destruction of your mental and physical health.

Brain power is not just #1 because I think it's important...

Brain power is literally #1, because mechanically, it comes before everything else.

The interesting thing is, I never hear anyone talk about it.

I don't think anybody realizes that "brain power" is an actual tangible thing.

There is Only One Problem

Every problem you consistently have in your life is a direct result of not enough brain power.

For instance,

  • If you tell me you are struggling with your mental health, what I hear, is that you don’t have enough brain power.

  • If you tell me you are having difficulty solving a complex problem that nobody else can understand, this indicates you don’t have enough brain power.

  • If you complain to me that an employee quit and left you hanging, I already instinctively know, you don’t have enough brain power.

Take a moment to remember...

When you first started your business, you had endless problems that came up.

It was exciting to solve them because you knew it was advancing you towards your goals.

Yet now… when you have a new problem, you complain about the struggle.

Why is this?

It’s simple… you don’t have enough brain power.

If you had enough, you wouldn’t be complaining to me.

You would already be taking action towards a solution you figured out on your own, like you used to do when you first started your business.

Create or Escape

Brain Power determines if your brain is in "Creator mode" or "Escape mode".

"Creator mode" is obviously the best!

When you have enough brain power, you will automatically be able to enjoy the things you have in life.

It’s natural to want to create a better life, by improving the things you have and acquiring new things.

When you feel good, being productive is easy. You get a thought about what you want to do, then you go do it.

Setting goals and challenging yourself with a timeline to achieve it, is a fun and enjoyable thing to do.

When you accomplish the goal, you actually take the time to celebrate, evaluate your results, and then plan your next thing. 

Life is easy, enjoyable and you feel like you are on top of the world.

Everyone loves being in "Creator Mode".

Everyone hates being in "Escape" mode, that's why we try to escape.

Escape Mode doesn’t feel good, it’s disempowering and can be very destructive.

Escape mode has a simple definition: You are trying to escape your current state of mind because it doesn’t feel good.

Identifying the reason for why you don’t feel good isn't just difficult, it's literally impossible.

The reason why you don’t feel good can be summed up like this…

What you have or don’t have in your life is most likely the reason for why you don’t feel good.

Let me show you.

In a relationship...

If you are in a relationship, then it’s probably something they are doing that is causing or contributing to you not feeling good.

So you pick apart what they are doing that bothers you and get them to fix it.

Not in a relationship...

If you are single, you probably don’t feel good because you are alone.

If only you had a partner to build your life with, everything would be amazing.

What about your business?

More employees...

If only your business was making more money, then you could hire the “right” people. This would take away your stress and help you build it bigger.

Less employees...

If only you could fire half of your employees, then you wouldn’t be so stressed out and could finally enjoy your life.

What if you were classier?

Nicer Vehicle...

If only you had a nicer vehicle, then you could finally feel confident when you left the house.

Bigger House...

If only you had a bigger house, then it would be easier making friends that respect you. 

These are all possibilities, but they aren't the truth.

No matter what you look at in your life or business, you will find an endless list of reasons for why you don’t feel good enough.

It’s your kids, your loud neighbour, your crappy job, the paint in the kitchen, the cranky dog, a past memory from 20 years ago that is still wrecking your life, if only you bought bitcoin when it was just $8.

The real reason is simple, you don't feel good, because your brain went into "Escape mode" from not having enough brain power.

Since you are not aware of what brain power is and how it works, you naturally hold anyone or anything else accountable. 

Escape mode is a constant tease that never seems to end.

Does this sound familiar?

You feel like you need to do something, but you aren’t sure what.

You know what you need to do, but you just can’t get started.

You get hyped up with caffeine to get started, then you get distracted with something else. Next thing you know, the caffeine has worn off.

You take a walk for inspiration, have it all planned out in your head, but then your mind goes blank the moment you sit down to do the work.

Escape mode is filled with incredible potential, yet grounding it down into reality never seems to happen.

Worst of all, escape mode comes with endless anxiety.

Anxiety is not fun at all.

Being stuck in a potential reality, unable to perform, is the worst feeling in the world for an entrepreneur.  

This anxiety is often accompanied with a sense of doom, like your world can crash at any minute.

It’s a constant state of overwhelm that doesn’t go away unless you can figure out how to escape your state of mind.

Escaping your state of mind is impossible, but that doesn't stop people from trying.

The Escape Artist

Escaping, even if it’s temporary, is better than not escaping at all.

When your brain goes into escape mode, there are only two ways out of it. 

  1. Temporarily increase brain power. 
  2. Reduce brain power requirements.  

All of the following forms of escape can be boiled down into three methods.


You will try to escape from your "current" state of mind, through any means.

Chemical Escape

This is done by escaping into a new state of mind through the use of chemical addictions. 

Chemical addictions include substances like sugar, caffeine, fast food, smoking, alcohol, pharmaceuticals, herbal supplements, nootropics, hormone therapies, marijuana, psychedelics, meth, cocaine, and opioids.

Intensity Escapes

Intensity Escapes include actions that produce high intensity events that alter your state of mind, such as orgasms, gambling, and extreme sports.

Repetitive Escapes

Repetitive Escapes include watching tv, movies, scrolling social media, and playing video games.

These are all sources of unhealthy data that reduce brain power, making the problem worse in the long-term. 

Physical Escapes

Physical Escapes can range from constantly moving to new houses, cities or countries, taking vacations, going to new restaurants, taking long drives, exploring new locations, exercise, and meditation.

Unfortunately, all of these escapes are temporary — you will always return back to your state of mind.

Any form of escape can easily turn into an addiction. 

You know it’s an addiction if you feel like you can’t stop because your mind and life will fall apart.


When escaping from your "current" state of mind doesn't work, the next escape is into a better "future".

How many from this list have you dreamt of?

Every example in this list will either temporarily increase brain power or decrease brain power requirements. 

1. Dreaming about having a new intimate partner to build a better life with.

2. Sexual fantasies to make you feel more empowered and in control.

3. A super fit body so you can convince people to do things for you or be strong enough to stand up for yourself.

4. Shopping sprees to buy new things that will make you feel better such as clothes, jewelry, vehicles, a bigger house, new workout equipment, etc…

5. Being famous so people respect you and you can make things happen. 

6. New ideas to make lots of money.

7. Having children or getting a pet.

8. Hiring personal assistants such as a chef, maid, or nanny.

9. A coach to help keep yourself on track because you have lost self control.

10. A therapist to help you manage all of the information in your mind that is overwhelming you.

11. A rockstar employee that can make a lot of sales.

12. New courses or software that will help you become smarter to expand your business faster.

13. A new business manager that can take over your responsibilities so you can live on a tropical island.


When building a better "future" doesn't happen fast enough, the last resort is to destroy your "past".

When you get really low on brain power, your brain will try to sabotage any and every area of your life that requires brain power.

All addictions will eventually destroy your life. Overspending to make yourself feel better can also destroy your life, especially when you run out of money. 

If you destroy a part of your life, you reduce brain power requirements. 

It’s important to note, when the following starts occurring, it’s actually a result of your brain trying to protect itself from more damage. 


Often referred to as self-sabotage. Sabotage occurs when your thoughts attempt to destroy the important things in your life such as a job, relationship or friendships.

You become forgetful, make stupid mistakes and blurt out the wrong things at the wrong times. 

Hatred to cut people and things off

Your mind will fill up with thousands of different thoughts to make you hate each part of your life. 

These things make you upset, hurt, frustrated and angry, causing you to lash out at others, sabotaging parts of your life.

Emotional intensity becomes amplified in this state, enabling you to blow the littlest details out of proportion. 

Time to end it...

By prioritizing your values, you eject people and things from your life, justified by the emotional reactions you are feeling. 

Who will go first…?

Friends, spouse, family, business partner, employees, customers, the dog?

What extras will you cut out…?

The gym, martial arts, yoga class, Tuesday book club with the girls? 

Your brain doesn't care what order, as long as you start eliminating things from your life.

Entrepreneurs usually end up having to make a choice, the business or the relationship.

Since the business is required for financial survival, it usually take priority.

This means you can’t be present at home because you are trying to keep up with things at work.

Although, once the relationship starts falling apart, you can’t work because you’re thinking about your relationship at the office.

In the end, it’s a double edged sword and you’re getting sliced up either way.

"Every single short-term escape listed above will make the problem worse in the long-term."

The relationship example

Have you ever tried to stay in a relationship that wasn’t working?

You both tried to fix hundreds of things about yourselves, your relationship, your home… everything you could think of.

The more things you tried to change, the more complex your information became, requiring even more brain power in the long-term.

You both made huge sacrifices hoping this “one thing”, was going to be the thing to finally fix your relationship, only to realize it helped for a few days, then you went back to anxiety.

Just so you know, this is very normal. 

When you try everything you possibly could and you still don’t feel good, it’s also normal to hate the other person as you go through the break up. 

If you did everything possible, then the problem must be the other person…

What else could it possibly be?

Brain power... you both ran out of brain power and went into escape mode.

In case you didn’t already make the connection, the beginning of a new relationship is always in the “Creator Mode”.

Then you run out of brain power and you both go to escape mode.

This is the same for every new thing you start in life… until you get older. 

Sadly, when you get older and your brain power is so low, you don’t go back into creator mode, even if you are doing something new. 

The Good ol' Days

Did you ever need things to be happy when you were a kid?

Wasn’t it nice back then? Nothing to worry about, no responsibilities…

Oh yes, an excess amount of brain power.

No wonder it was so easy to be happy.

Not just happy, but also full of energy, ready to go and do things.

You also learned anything you wanted to really easily.

Life was magical.

Ahhh, the good ol’ days, when you had lots of brain power.

False Hope

I used to think 'removing things and people from your life' was a valid solution, but to be honest, I don’t think that anymore.

Less things, less responsibilities, and less people reduces the amount of brain power you need.

But, this still isn’t a valid long-term solution.

Often, removing a spouse, through divorce and losing your children makes things worse for everyone in the long-term. I don’t believe anyone ever truly recovers from this.

Removing friends eliminates fun and causes other mental health issues, like loneliness and low self-esteem in the long-term.

Removing things always comes with a backlash of failure that will destroy your confidence in yourself. 

Removing things from your life because you don't have enough brain power to manage them is destructive.

Only One Solution

There is only one valid long-term solution.

The only way to naturally increases brain power in a stable, safe and effective way is by removing unhealthy data from your memory using consciousness software.

Unhealthy information reduces brain power and is the primary reason your brain switches from “Creator mode” to “Escape mode”.

Now you understand how brain power affects your life, but you still don't understand the connection between brain power and data.

You probably weren’t aware of this…

Too much unhealthy data causes irreversible damage in your brain.

This can cause negative mental health issues, such as depression, burnout, anxiety, and emotional blowouts.

This damage can also cause physical issues such as weight gain, fatigue, inability to sleep, auto-immune disorders and hypersensitivity to people and your environment.

Escape Mode is actually permanent brain damage caused by too much unhealthy data. 

Once a person goes into escape mode, they can stay stuck in it for years, decades or even for the rest of their life. 

It's time to explore the connection between Brain Power and the data stored in your Memory.