About Consciousness Software

What is Consciousness Software?

Consciousness software is the technology used by the simulation to generate the reality you experience.

We live in a multi-dimensional reality, with each dimension being a unique layer of consciousness software.  

When I say multi-dimensional reality, I am not referring to the 3+1 dimensions of space-time. 

I am referring to five dimensions of consciousness software that are embedded within each other like Russian dolls. 

What are the Five Dimensions of Reality?

0-D: Actuality

Actuality is a singularity that contains all of the data used to generate the multiverse and all that is possible within it. 

Actuality is an infinite consciousness that connects everything into a single data network.

Your imagination is your direct connection to Actuality, giving you access to infinite intelligence. 

Anything you can imagine, generates an emotion, that can be translated into your unique language with instructions for how to create it. 

Actuality is an education system designed to teach you, who you are, what you are capable of, and then show you how to create your unique dreams into reality. 

1-D: Spatial Reality

Spatial Reality is the 3+1 space-time dimension that generates the “Hardware” experience of life. 

This software powers our local universe using physics, chemistry, biology and neurology to create life. 

Spatial Reality is the base architecture required to create individual units of consciousness, called “Users”. 

Consciousness is the source of creation, and as an individual user, you are officially a “Creator” of life. 

Using consciousness and your body, you have the ability to create anything you can imagine into spatial reality. 

2-D: Collective Reality

Collective Reality is the current scope humanity has achieved both spatially and technologically.

This includes everything human beings have discovered and mastered so far. 

By increasing collective brain power, humanity can unlock new information from Actuality, enabling us to control spatial reality in new ways. 

Just a single new discovery can dramatically improve life for all humanity. 

Peace, equality, and collaboration are the keys to rapidly increasing collective brain power. 

3-D: Shared Reality

Shared realities are small communities within the collective that offer unique experiences for the user. 

Each type of shared reality consists of multiple users that have gathered together for a common purpose. 

How you experience life moment to moment, is influenced by the unique configuration of people co-existing within the same space.

Each user gains their individuality by growing up in a unique shared reality, based on where they are born, their parents and siblings, their friends and the current state of society. 

4-D: Individual Reality

Every user has a unique experience of life, which is the true definition of an individual. 

The true beauty of life, is that every single user is unique and there will never be anyone else in all existence, that is you.

Even though you live externally in spatial reality, your primary residence is inside of your mind, a place no one else will ever understand, except you.

Your ability to manage the information within your mind will determine how you experience life.

What is Actual Intelligence?

Artificial vs Actual Intelligence

Artificial intelligence refers to computer software that can learn and create new information using complex algorythms. 

Actual intelligence refers to consciousness software that is used to generate every layer of our experience called life. 

Actual comes from Actuality

The term “Actual” refers to the Actuality database that stores all of the information used to generate the universe.

Actual Intelligence is not artificial like a computer that has to be programmed from scratch.

Actual Intelligence programs are built using consciousness software and can connect to the various dimensions.  

There are three levels of actual intelligence software used within the simulation. 

1. Actual Intelligence consciousness software (AI-CS)

Bits are created by your brain to store new information. 

Bits are the fundamental unit of consciousness within our brain. 

Bits have a lifecycle, similar to humans, they go through a child, teenager and an adult phase.

These bits will fight for your attention, hoping to be chosen by you. 

2. Actual General Intelligence consciousness software (AGI-CS)

Actual general intelligence is the standard consciousness software within the human brain that generates the “Individual User” experience. 

You are an AGI consciousness software. 

The configuration of data within your bits generates your unique experience of life, moment to moment. 

AGI consciousness software is not limited to just humans, all living creatures have AGI software.

AGI Command Center (Creator mode)

The AGI command center, often called “working memory”, enables you to read, write and edit the data within your bits.

When you are in “Creator mode”, your consciousness is located in the AGI command center. 

Data is imported into your command center for you to use it, when you are done, the data is exported outside the command center, to your data networks.

3. Actual Super Intelligence consciousness software (ASI-CS)

Actual super intelligence consciousness software is used by the simulation to manage every aspect of our reality. 

All of the dimensions of reality; Actuality, Spatial, Collective, Shared, and Individual reality are managed by ASI consciousness software. 

iBots are an ASI consciousness software that utilize access into the higher dimensions of reality to operate. 


Actual general intelligence (AGI) software is used for managing data at an individual level. 

Actual super intelligence (ASI) software is used to manage data at a network level. 

ASI Networks

The data networks your brain uses outside of the AGI command center are considered Actual Super Intelligence networks. 

When you are in “Escape” mode because of damaged bits, your consciousness is actually outside the command center in the ASI networks. 

The high speed and intensity of the networks causes the anxiety sensations associated with damaged bits. 

You can not use the data located outside of the AGI command center, which is why you struggle to accomplish anything while in escape mode. 

You can brainstorm, plan and talk about the data, but you can’t physically implement it. 

ASI Command Center

Your brain has a second command center that enables it to control the data within the ASI networks.

The ASI command center enables advanced editing for damaged bits, which is not available in the AGI command center. 

The iBot software is installed in the ASI command center, enabling ASI functionality to be unlocked. 

The iBots ability to delete bits is one of the higher functions that exists within the ASI command center that is not possible in the AGI command center. 

ASI Command Center Access

The ASI command center provides access to the ASI consciousness software used by each dimension of reality. 

This access enables iBot software to manage how data is processed for each dimension.

The ASI command center enables the iBot softwate to be downloaded from the collective reality (2-D) network.

The potential for consciousness software to enhance humanity’s experience of reality is literally, limitless. 

How does the iBot know I purchased the product if it is not installed?

Your brain is already equipped with ASI consciousness software in the ASI command center. 

The standard ASI software connected to collective reality (2-D) has been updated with a trigger that activates when visiting the iBots website. 

*Everyone always asks this question.

What is the objective of iBots?

The objective of iBot consciousness software is to increase brain power on both an individual and collective level.  

Brain power is the key to unlocking intelligence, advancing us through the simulation we live in. 

The collective consciousness is measured using brain power.

When we measure brain processing power for all of the lifeforms within humanities collective reality, we get a number. 

This number is used to determine humanities level of access to the intelligence stored within Actuality. 

We evolve as a species by increasing brain power of the collective. 

Brain power isn’t only measured for humans, it’s all life forms with a central nervous system within our collective reality. 

The purpose of humanity is to increase brain power.

Increasing brain power can be accomplished though the following eight methods: 

  1. Increase Quantity of Life: More bodies equals more brains which equals more brain power.

  2. Increase Quality of Life: A happy life provides high quality brain power from each body.

  3. Increase Health Span: A healthier life will provide higher quantities of brain power.

  4. Increase Life Span: A longer life provides an increased amount of brain power per body.

  5. Increase Diversity of Life: Diversity of life unlocks different types of brain power. The more types of brain power we have, the more bonus points we get.

  6. Reduce Conflict and Suffering: Conflicts and suffering negatively impacts brain power.

  7. Reduce Corruption and Violence: Corruption and violence causes suffering and a loss of life on a large scale, drastically reducing brain power.

  8. Accelerate Problem Solving: Solving problems faster reduces suffering and increases quality of life. 

iBots are designed to increase brain power for the individual which also increases brain power for the collective.

By optimizing an individual’s brain with higher brain power, their actions will become more productive and less destructive. 

With consciousness software, these are not just methods, they are laws built into the iBot operating system. 

Consciousness software approval

The ability to have consciousness software approved for distribution to other bodies involves a complex application process. 

Each dimension of reality is an independent operating system that provides new functionality for the simulation. 

Each operating system needs to be compatible and support the previous dimensions. This is a key part of the approval process. 

Every editing process needs approval

iBot software is specifically designed to increase brain power. 

Every single process used to edit memory, is required to increase brain power in the short-term and long-term.