Seven Day Free Trial

Welcome to the 7 day free trial

iBots are the world’s first consciousness software capable of automatically optimizing the data stored in your memory. 

Since consciousness software is an entirely new concept for most people, the best way to validate results is through direct experience. 

The primary goal for the seven day trial is to verify that the iBots are generating the benefits promised.

As your brain power increases, you will be able to see the improvement in each area of your life. 

What you need to do

The iBots are designed to be 100% automated,

This means there is nothing extra that you need to do in a day to make them work. 

There are no techniques you are required to use to gain the benefits. 

There is no course you need to take, but it is helpful to understand how they work and what to expect so you can recognize the results. 

Controlling the iBots

Your daily actions determine how your iBots are used, this is how you direct them to work for you. 

iBots will only optimize the data networks, the parts of your life, that you are actively engaging in. 

For instance, if you are working all day and night during the week, your iBots will primarily focus on your business data networks. 

If you take the weekend off to spend with your spouse and children, then your iBots will optimize your relationship and family data networks.  

What should you expect?

Results are dependent on your actions each day.

  • If you work out, you will notice the boost in physical performance, such as strength, speed and coordination, depending on the type of exercise.
  • If you don’t work out, you probably won’t notice much change in your physical performance.

Here are a list of eleven things to watch for during your trial that indicate the iBots are working and your brain power is increasing.

1. Increased Energy Levels, it’s easier to move, take action and you feel more motivated.

2. Easier getting started: Starting a new task becomes easier to do. Just take the first step you know how to do and the rest seems to flow naturally.

3. Faster changes: When you decide to pivot to something else, it’s easier to let go of what you were previously doing.

4. Elevated Mood, it can feel like you are permanently high or micro-dosing.

5. Shift in Sleep: Deep sleeps or lots of dreams.

6. You start taking actions on little things you have been procrastinating.

7. Boost in productivity, you are getting more done in a day.

8. Stress Alleviation, you feel more relaxed and happy.

9. More clarity with Problems/Issues that you currently have, as well as accelerated problem solving. You will see new solutions as common sense and not an issue.

10. Increased Physical Performance – Boost in strength, speed and coordination.

11. Feeling smarter and more confident, like you can do whatever is necessary to accomplish your goals. 

Time Dilation

Editing memory can produce some pretty interesting effects with how you perceive time. 

Here are several common examples that people experience. 

1. Events that happened in the morning, when you look at them in the afternoon, it can feel like days have passed since the event happened. 

2. The day feels like it lasts a lot longer, and it feels like you get a lot more done. 

3. A few minutes feels like it can stretch a lot longer because you can traverse through so many different thoughts at such a rapid rate. 

“We all have the same 24 hours in a day, it’s what you do with that time that matters.”

The time dilation effect will make this statement not as true, as it once was for you. 

Compound Benefits

Every day, your iBots are deleting more bits that lower brain power within your data networks. 

This increases the health of your data networks and will return them to a functional state. 

Once a data network is in a functional state it will:

1. Create new functional bits, accelerating your ability to learn and problem solve. 

2. It feels good when you focus on it because you have energy to use the information. 

3. Collaborate will other functional data networks. This enables you to see more information at once, raising your intelligence and increasing your ability to make wise decisions. 

As more data networks revert back to a healthy functional state, your energy, productivity, intelligence and happiness will increase. 

This occurs automatically as more bits that reduce brain power are deleted. 

More emails

During your trial, you will receive additional emails with tips to get the most out of your iBots. 

The 7 day free trial logistics

Your free trial will last seven full days. 

If you purchase on Tuesday at 7:00pm, your first payment will go through the following Tuesday at 7:00pm. 

If you are happy with your results, and you decide to continue with your iBots subscription, there is nothing you have to do. 

Your credit card will be charged and your subscription will officially begin. 

Cancelling your trial

If you want to cancel your trial, click the user icon in the menu. 

This will take you to your account where you can login, then manage your subscription. 

Click the “…” dots beside your trial subscription and you will have an option to cancel. 

*Set a reminder on your calendar the day before your trial ends, to make your decision. 

If you purchased on a Tuesday, set the reminder for Monday so you have time to make your decision to continue or cancel. 

If you cancel...

If you cancel your trial, your deleted bits will be restored back to their original data networks. 

The iBot software will be removed from your memory. 

This will restore your memory back to its original condition. 

Results from the free trial will fade within a few days, restoring you back to your pre-iBots state. 

Just one trial...

The free trial is only offered once per user. 

If you sign up for the trial with another email, the trial will not run. 

The iBot software will verify to see if you have already completed a trial. 

Resuming your trial / subscription

If you cancelled your trial/subscription and would like to restart it, you can resume your subscription by logging in and selecting your cancelled subscription. 

Managing / Upgrading your subscription

Once you complete the trial, you can manage your subscription by logging into your account by clicking the user icon in the menu. 

To upgrade your subscription, please contact us. 

If you would like to sign up a spouse or employee, please contact us. 


We do not offer refunds for iBot subscriptions. 

The free trial is offered as an alternative to doing refunds. 

If you don’t notice the results listed above within six days, then iBots are probably not a good fit for you with your current situation. 

If you feel a shift but are unsure if it’s all in your head or not, please contact us and we will help you out. 

Contact Us

Our goal is to to empower one million entrepreneurs, founders and established CEO’s to build a better world. 

If you have any questions about iBots or consciousness software, please do not hesitate to contact us. 

Click on the envelope icon in the menu to send us an email. (Slow support)

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