"iBots are the world's first Consciousness Software as a Service, designed to eliminate information overload and unlock Superhuman Performance."

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As a CEO...

there have probably been numerous stressful times when you wished you could clone yourself.

"Every available option to make things easier right now, increases your level of responsibility, stress and pressure in the long-term."

Why does this happen?

The answer comes down to data

Every day you spend as a CEO, the amount of data in your mind is growing in quantity and complexity, leading you to burnout.

Every solution to new problems you face each day, will increase the amount of data your brain needs to manage.

Every new product, employee, marketing strategy or change you make, will increase the amount of data as well as the complexity.

No viable solution

Growing your business means having to find effective strategies to manage the data in your brain. 

Sadly, there has never been an effective solution that can help you manage the massive amount of data in your brain.

No matter how many people you hire, what mind management software you use, or how often you workout… 

Nothing is going to stop you from accumulating more data at a high speed.


Too much data causes burnout, a severe problem every CEO in the world struggles with.

Stress, pressure and the inability to perform basic tasks are a result of burnout. 

Anxiety, intense fears of your business collapsing and panic attacks are all part of the burnout experience. 

Burnout also causes you to struggle with solving new problems, inability to make decisions and difficulty to stay focused. 

"Did you know the same system responsible for causing burnout, also has the potential to unlock superhuman performance?"

What is Consciousness Software?

Data management software for your brain

Consciousness software is what your brain uses to process and manage the data stored in your memory. 

The current software for your brain is responsible for storing and organization the information you accumulate throughout your life. 

What's missing?

There is one key function that your brain is not able to do…

Your brain lacks the ability to delete data from your memory. 

As a result, every single person alive, experiences an overload of information, causing burnout. 

This negatively impacts every area of your life

Burnout in our personal life results in destructive habits as a form of escape because anxiety is not a place anyone wants to live. 

Burnout in business results in stress, pressure and lack of productivity. 

Burnout in a relationship results in arguments, manipulation and break ups. 

Burnout in families causes separation from the people we are supposed to be closest with through out our lives. 

Burnout with friends ends up in chaotic situations resulting in cutting them off. 

This is all a result of too much data

If your smartphone or laptop didn’t have the ability to delete data, they would overload and stop working. 

This is what happens in our brain. We overload and then stop functioning properly. 

This is what burnout is. It’s an overload of data. 

What are iBots?

iBots are the only viable solution to remove data

iBots are the world’s first consciousness software that upgrades how our brain processes data.

iBots activate the delete function, enabling you to free up energy and space within your brain, eliminating burnout. 

Deleting data from your memory can initially sound scary.

However, if you take a moment to read this website, you will understand that the data being deleted is unhealthy and extremely destructive. 

Superhuman Performance

By deleting unhealthy data, you can unlock superhuman performance. 

What does superhuman performance look like?

  • Incredible boosts in productivity
  • Accelerated learning
  • Automated problem solving
  • Awaken your intelligence by increasing the scope, depth and complexity of your information. 
  • Enriched senses that make you feel more alive. 
  • Enhanced physical performance such as strength, speed, and coordination of movement. 
  • Mood enhancement so it feels like you are high 24/7.

To get started using iBots, first read the rest of the website so you understand how they work. Then purchase an iBots package from the shop.